Sustainable PH is now becoming a forerunner in sustainable living and greenovation in the Philippines. Founded by its President Koleen Davila – Palaganas, a known international sustainability advocate together with other volunteers including her sister, Karen Davila, they work together to strengthen their NGO to serve as a community for sustainability champions who advocate for a Sustainable Philippines, anchored on biblical principles of stewardship. 

January is now a very integral month for Sustainability and Vegan advocates around the globe as they have set the month as an awareness month called VEGANUARY. 

Artist on a Mission Kristine Lim is one of those who boldly and passionately push for such movements. Being an Edenic Living advocate and the Director for Culture and Arts of Sustainable PH, she is always geared on efforts to put her causes in the limelight and to further educate everyone for the benefit of future generations. 

Last month, December 4, was the first Sustainable PH, SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP AWARDS. Lim was the one tasked to design the official trophy for Sustainable PH’s SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP AWARDS which she entitled, LAWIG.

According to Kristine, Lawig was scrupulously forged from scrap metals forming a paraw resting on top of a rock. This modernly concretizes the time in the story of Noah when the flood had subsided and the Ark found its way on top of Mount Ararat. 

And we quote Lim on her statement on what Lawig is about “This is our salute to the winners for being the forerunners of change toward a more sustainable future. This is our gratitude to them for taking the leap others would dare not. This is our way to honor them for standing on the gap for a better tomorrow for those who will come long after us. Their efforts hold the truth that our Rock can and will sustain us. In our obedience and willingness, we live freely from His victory to eternity. “

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