Works on Paper by Hermes Alegre

Manila, Philippines— Visual artist Hermes Alegre goes back to his artistic roots with “Works on Paper,” a one-man show organized by the Saturday Group of Artists. His works will be on view from July 8 to 22, at the 4th Level East Wing of the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Renowned for his vibrant oil paintings, which features mysterious, beguiling maidens and lush flora and fauna, Alegre revisits the artistic mediums that helped him thrive in his early years.

The artist returns to drawing on paper using inks and pastels. While his current exhibit showcases his signature style of including maidens as subjects, Alegre wishes to show the joyfulness of creating art using basic materials.

A native of Daet, Camarines Norte, Hermes Alegre has mounted group and solo exhibitions in the Philippines as well as abroad. He earned his degree in Fine Arts at the Philippine Women’s University. He studied under the tutelage of famous masters as Ibarra de la Rosa and Mars Galang. Incidentally, Hermes Alegre idolizes Pandy Aviado at Manuel Rodriguez, Jr.

Hermes Alegre’s dedication to the arts spanning over twenty-five years has garnered him accolades here and abroad. Hermes has also received the National Book Award.

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