Saturday Group celebrates 49th Anniversary Exhibit

I had the pleasure and honor of being invited by Salvador Ching to Saturday Group’s 49th Anniversary Exhibit. Said exhibit also pays tribute to Malang, an award wining Filipino artist who sadly passed last June 29, 2017. Incidentally, Malang was Chairman and one of the leaders of Saturday Group.

For their 49th Anniversary Exhibit, the roster of artists showcased their works, be it paintings or sculptures, where chairs took center stage.According to Omi Reyes, president of the group, it is their way of expressing the group’s profound loss of Malang, its most valued leader mentor, while at the same time celebrating his enduring influence. The wall-bound art are on display at the Saturday Group Gallery, and the sculptural works are on show at the 4th level lobby area just off the gallery.

As expected, Ross Capili and his beautiful wife Ellen dropped by Shangri-la to show their support. My wife, who is an introvert, loves hanging out with Ellen while Ross and I discuss work and the different art pieces surrounding us. I am not surprised why my wife loves the Capilis. They’re very easy to talk to and down-to-earth, just like the rest of the artists that I have had the privilege to know and work with.

Going back to the Saturday Group Anniversary Exhibit, feast your eyes on these one of a kind “chairs.”

I’d like to congratulate the artists who made the anniversary exhibit as spectacular as it is.

1 Hermes Alegre

2 Helena Alegre

3 Ronnie Bercero

4 Gerrico Blanco

5 Frank Caña

6 Daisy Carlos

7 Salvador Ching

8 Convocar

9 Nida Cranbourne

10 Anna De Leon

11 Robert Deniega

12 Ysa Gernale

13 Maryrose Gisbert

14 Jaime Gubaton

15 Ding Hidalgo

16 Rudy Lunod

17 Francis Nacion

18 Roel Obemio

19 Carlo Ongchangco

20 Anthony Palo

21 Danny Pangan

22 Tessie Picaña

23 Omi Reyes

24 Atty. Joy Rojas

25 Eman Santos

26 Aner Sebastian

27 Sheila Tiangco

28 Lydia Velasco

29 Joseph Villamar

30 Migs Villanueva

31 Inna Vitasa

The exhibit runs from July 22 – 31, 2017 at Shangri-la Mall.








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