Primer: Raul Isidro

As a child, he wanted to be an artist from the challenge to create artworks of his own. Raul then started painting in college in the 60’s at the University of Santo Tomas. In college Raul took up Advertising majoring in Fine Arts. In those years painters were considered without a future because there were no art collectors, but Raul pursued his dreams and has been joining and winning national art competitions at that time.

His first one-man-show was in 1969 at the Solidaridad Gallery in Malate, Manila. At that time he taught at the college of Fine Arts of Philippine Women University until he became the Director of Fine Arts. In 1977 Raul left teaching & went as a full time artist. Painting became his profession & he supported his family thru artworks. In 1984 Raul was asked to teach art to the Cojuangco & Aquino families with Mrs. Corazon Aquino before she became president. He left the country & stayed in California from 1985 to 1995. From then on Raul spent his days full time on painting. From the 60’s to the present he uses acrylic as his medium. His subjects are mostly about nature, Earth or landscapes.

Even after more than a hundred solo and group exhibits held in the country and in major cities in the U.S., Israel, India, Indonesia, Spain, West Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China and Singapore, Isidro remains the same hardworking artist who paints almost every day.

Masters of cultural adolescence struggled to seek for their very own unique identities and Raul Isidro, the artist, the art educator, and art leader is no exception. At 70, Isidro continues to be a prolific artist, innovative, actively participates in artistic activities (i.e., art forum, art workshop, nude and landscape sketching, group exhibit, judging art contests, etc.) and unselfishly shares his knowledge to up-and-coming artists. Isidro is indeed an art guru of Philippine contemporary art.

What was your first exhibit like?

My first one man show was about the Lunar Travel & mostly about lunar Orbit.

What is your favorite piece you’ve created?

Abstraction is my favorite because you have the freedom to create & compose your own creation.

What is your favorite piece by another artist?

My favorite artists were the contemporary abstractionists!

What is your process like?

Art taught me patience, artists have to work alone & I stay in my studio 7 days a week. My medium is Acrylic because it is water based.

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