Primer: Kristine Lim


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bantay Bata 163 a portrait of Ms. Gina Lopez was unveiled at the Gina Lopez Building at the ABS-CBN compound. Present during the unveiling was Mr. Ernie Lopez, Mrs. Roberta Lopez – Feliciano, Mr. Jonathan Manalo, and ‘Artist on a Mission’, Kristine Lim who was the one who created the said portrait. 

The portrait entitled, “Touch The Sky”, was donated by ABS-CBN Fellowship members, with the cooperation of Art Lounge Manila, to ABS-CBN Foundation and to BANTAY BATA 163. The fellowship members present during the event were Ms. Linggit Tan Marasigan, Ms. Lita Teodosio, and Ms. Dyan Castillejo – Garcia; who served as the host during the anniversary celebration. 

L- R:  Kristine Lim (Artist on a Mission) and Jonathan Manalo (Creative Director, ABS-CBN Music)

Lim said that this was the first time that she made a portrait and not using the name of the person as the title. She felt that it was not fitting for someone like Ms. Gina Lopez. This is for the reason that she believed her legacy lies not in her name, or the foundations that she started, or the company that she is connected with, or the family that she’s part of. Lim further explained, “I believe that the legacy of Ms. Gina Lopez lies in the lives of the people whom she was able to touch. Through her, a lot was able to feel that they can “Touch The Sky”. She was the kind of woman who was able to bring heaven on earth. She’s not just the kind of woman who did things in a good way. She did them in a godly way. Because of that, she was able to move and transform lives; and those lives are her true legacy.”

In line with the said event, Jonathan Manalo, the Creative Director of ABS-CBN Music, shared a collaboration project with Kristine Lim. The details and the official announcement of the said project will happen soon. 

Jonathan Manalo and Kristine Lim will be donating part of the proceeds gathered from this event to ABS-CBN Foundation, Bantay Bata 163.

L- R: Ernie Lopez (Director of Advocacy, ABS CBN Foundation, Inc.), Linggit Tan ( Marasigan, Member of ABS-CBN Fellowship), Lita Teodosio (Member of ABS-CBN Fellowship), Kristine Lim (Artist on a Mission), Dyan Castellejo (Host, Celebrity, Member of ABS-CBN Fellowship), Jonathan Manalo (Creative Director, ABS-CBN Music) and Roberta Lopez-Feliciano (Managing Director, ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.)

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