ORLEY YPON “The Allure of Illusion” @Galerie Roberto

The issue between illusion and reality and, more importantly, the viewer’s expectation from a work of art, is highlighted in the recent works of Realist painter Orley Ypon, presented by Galerie Roberto in his solo show, The Allure of Illusion.”

Ypon brings back his “Ahon” series, as a response to the tremendous acclaim and popularity of the subject.  These works are Ypon’s seriously considered reflection on the reality of Filipino existence. The field of mud is a searing metaphor. A horde of our countrymen languishing and struggling to escape from this mucky quagmire of filth is a hellish vision, indicated by the atmospheric blaze of fire.

The title Ahon  is a command for Filipinos to rise from our national vices: sloth, indifference, apathy, self-centeredness, a tepid patriotism, a detestable short memory that never learns from history, condemning the people to repeat it.

That Orley Ypon now resurrects the Ahon works is reflective of the times.  Galerie Roberto is at Unit 4, Molito Lifestyle Extension Bldg., Madrigal Avenue, corner Commerce Avenue, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1770 Metro Manila. For inquiries, call: 8-8809-1619.        

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