Kankan Ramos “Flux” @ArtLoungeManila

Kankan Ramos’ latest exhibition, FLUX, held at the Art Lounge Manila Molito. This display represents a compilation of Ramos’ recent works, showcasing her profound exploration of the state of flux – the dynamic, ever-changing nature of thoughts, actions, and creativity.

The exhibition consists of a series of framed pieces and sculptural works. Ramos’ framed works are notable for their ephemeral swathes of colors on clear acrylic sheets. The use of bold blues and vivid violets, accentuated with gold outlines, captures the viewers’ attention, pulling them into the depths of the artist’s mind. These colors seem to denote resonant waves of thought or action, visual metaphors for the artist’s cerebral processes.

What makes these pieces unique is their ability to serve as snapshots of the artist’s frame of mind. They are not static representations of a single moment, but rather, they capture the essence of a state of flux – the continuous flow of creativity and creation. They reflect the artist’s thoughts and emotions, captured in a state of constant motion.

Ramos’ body of work is dynamic and cathartic. There is an inherent sense of movement in each piece, a testament to the artist’s exploration of action and change. Yet, they also embody a sense of tranquility and zen. Despite the action depicted, there is a serenity that pervades each work, representing the artist’s state of flow.

FLUX is an invitation to experience the artist’s journey through her creative process. It’s a celebration of the flux and flow of thoughts, the tumultuous waves of creativity, and the calm that follows. This exhibition is a testament to the beauty of the creative mind in motion, a dynamic yet soothing experience that is sure to resonate with audiences.

We invite you to immerse yourself in Ramos’ world of color and motion, to experience the state of flux, and to find your own sense of tranquility within the dynamism.

For more information visit the Art Lounge Manila website www.artloungemanila.com. You may also check their social media pages FB: @artloungemanila IG: @artloungemanila for more details.

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