“Iskwalado” at SM Megamall Art Center


The title of the show is derived from the native word iskwalado, which itself is derived from iskwala, a Filipino carpenter’s L-shaped tool used for achieving the perfect right angle. With its distinct sound not evoked by the English terms speed square, rafter angle square, or T-square, the word has inspired a now institutionalized annual show organized by Galerie Anna.

On view at the SM Megamall Art Center are the assembled recent works of artists, representing the various artistic tendencies and persuasions in the representational and non-objective idioms, exploring manifold themes and issues. All have been executed within a consistently standard and perfect 40” square pictorial space. Within its spatial restrictions oscillate the multifarious visions of 70 artists, curated in a harmonious blending and synergy of visual expressions transcending their physical parameter.

“Iskwalado” is a perfect right angle perspective of contemporary Philippine art.

For inquiries, call Galerie Anna: tel nos: 470-2511 and 470-9869. Mobile: 0995-990-8202 and 0925-197-6955.

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