Illuminata: the most awaited collaboration of luxe jewelry brand Hoseki, fashion visionary Ditta Sandico, and Neo-genre master Dominic Rubio


Prominent elements are at play for “Illuminata”: fine art and fashion. It is recognized that the two coexist simultaneously and equally– they connect in a quest to project exquisite beauty. What makes a work successful in their own merits for jewelry designer Hoseki, fashion designer Ditta Sandico, and visual artist Dominic Rubio is that moment of enlightenment. It has come through their art the result of every elegant thing they have experienced from this collaboration.

The best way to describe the work of Philippine fashion designer Ditta Sandico would be colorful, stylish and subtly exotic with a worldwide appeal. Her pieces are handcrafted and woven from indigenous Philippine materials. Her designs prove how well elegance and refinement may go hand in hand with eco-friendliness and social responsibility. Sandico always tries to unravel new stories about worlds beyond our own, but she always connects them to something that is truly local — Filipino craftsmanship at its finest.

Hoseki has become the jewelry powerhouse it is today under the leadership of founder Faico. The brand boasts of countless pieces and collections that showcase its impeccable craftsmanship and unique artistry. Hoseki was established with a vision to create jewelry that is art in itself. Coveted pieces boost of the latest state-of-the-art technology in jewelry manufacturing thus creating masterpieces that are at par with the international standards.

For visual artist Dominic Rubio, there is a real union between fashion and art. In that unity, creativity and artistry thrive. Every art form is equally relevant, and the artist expounds on the exact meeting point where something genuine is created. Finding that meeting point is the valuable and significant pursuit in Rubio’s oeuvre. It is in “Illuminata” that he finds the most exquisite, regal, and affirming inspiration – a result of this momentous partnership with the fashion powerhouse brands.

With every piece of Rubio’s well-produced works, he attempts to communicate a greater appreciation of a sophisticated and skillfully made art form, mirroring those of his co-collaborators. His perception of luxury is intensified and broadened, as he intends to raise the bar of the ever-evolving scene.

Sandico will showcase contemporary Filipiniana ensembles made of natural indigenous handwoven fibers dominated by black and white. Faico will unveil the new collection of Hoseki featuring the rare Philippine Bronze Mabe Pearls accentuated by precious stones and Rubio will exhibit his latest sculpture masterpieces celebrating the female form.

“Illuminata” is on the 8th of November, Thursday, 6-10pm at Shangri-La at the Fort. The event is presented by Art+, in celebration of their 10th year chronicling the Philippine art landscape. For inquiries, contact Galerie Joaquin at 0917 5343942 or email


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