Greater Height: Milmar Onal

In many ways, Milmar Onal’s oeuvre is unique in his ability to capture the energetic character of the landscapes he paints. His approach to art mirrors the advancement of technology, and is inspired by the interludes of science. He, in turn, uses the abstracted forms of technology and electrical flow and molds them into fascinating landscapes that show his ability to control the random nature of electricity. These landscapes and forms are then set against static backgrounds to highlight the contrast between energy and stasis.

The titular piece of the exhibition, “Greater Heights,” is a good example of this approach. The artist imagines a jagged mountain range against a blood-red sky—ostensibly depicting a sunset. A range of geometric and angular mountains in the foreground serves as an illuminating abstract vision that is given dynamism by the electrical currents that placed within the range’s shape. The very form of the mountain range is in itself highly reminiscent of an electrical current, albeit set in a highly geometric arrangement.

A new way to see abstraction, “Greater Heights” will undoubtedly propel Milmar Onal to a higher plane of abstraction.


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