Gallery: Tetelestai by Kristine Lim and Jonathan Manalo

Gallery: Tetelestai by Kristine Lim and Jonathan Manalo

After mounting the very 1st art installation in Intramuros since the Global Pandemic started entitled “Portraits of Christ”, “Artist on a Mission” Kristine Lim transforms the exhibit into something more thought-provoking, and intriguing to coincide with the Holy Week celebration. As a Missionary Visual Artist, known for being bold and unapologetic when it comes to having no dissociation between her art and her faith, she evolved “Portraits of Christ” into its sequel she calls “TETELESTAI”. According to Lim, “it is a personal reminder for a sinner like me, who keeps on failing and falling in the mundane, to ask the Lord to help my unbelief. It is a personal reflection I want to extend to others who are also going through life’s adversities. I pray we always find that confidence in Him to overcome our fears, insecurities, and uncertainties. We must live a life that’s completely free because we are forgiven through the Love that’s beyond what our mind and hearts can conceive.”

Creating a deeper experience for the art installation is the musical score composed by, “Mr MUSIC”, Jonathan Manalo, the Creative Director of ABS-CBN Music. According to Lim, Manalo’s music was able to capture the soul and spirit of “TETELESTAI” that visitors will be able to communicate with the Divine through wordless interactions. She believes deeply rooted and honest emotions and even prayers are articulated in such ways. Most of the time, no words are perfect to equate for and suffice their full expression. 

The vernissage of “TETELESTAI” will be held on April 9 at Molito Lifestyle Center Alabang. It will be attended by heads of Art Lounge Manila led by their owner and managing director, Susanne Tiausas, leaders and Pastors of New Life Christian Center and executives of Molito Lifestyle Center. Kristine Lim and Jonathan Manalo won’t be present during the event but both have recorded on video their messages. Ms. Celine Tojos will be attending on their behalf as well. 

“TETELESTAI” art installation on view at the Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier, Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila from April 1 to 20 is presented by the Department of Tourism, It’s More Fun In The Philippines, Intramuros Administration, and Art Lounge Manila.

“TETELESTAI” art installation on view at Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang from April 10 to 17 is in collaboration with New Life Christian Center, Art Lounge Manila, and Molito Lifestyle Center. 


by Kristine Lim

Every year many would prove the fortitude of their belief to the Lord by sacrifice and penitence as their ultimate expression of steadfast faith. However, are these expressions of resounding worship a demand from Christ for those He love? Is this pleasing to Him? Is this what He has called us to do? 

Though our sacrifices are done with pure intention, may we allow ourselves to worship openly, and with acceptance and full certitude that there is no amount of ritual or traditional rites we can do to save us for Jesus Christ has already done that for us. He was the only acceptable and perfect sacrifice and none of us is worthy to take His place. He traded heaven for us so we are able to eternally breathe with His own breath. We are saved not by our works but by faith. It is futile to recreate, reenact or replicate what only one Being has the power, capacity, and incomparable Love for all who rejected Him can do.

Believers, be reminded of what is written, with the worst humiliation and pain anyone can experience, Christ took His last breath on a cross in a body that was mangled and tortured beyond recognition. He died, rose again and ascended into heaven. Death no longer has mastery over Him, making everyone who accepts Him as Lord and Savior free and forgiven so their lives can begin. 

This Holy Week, Let the cross remind you that the One who shed His life on it is our Bridge to our Father; the only Way and the only Truth where we can find our Life. I encourage you to walk on it, stand on it and experience the life that you can have when you have Jesus in you.

May “TETELESTAI” guide you towards a much deeper relationship with Christ. Walk on the path He has laid down for us. Journey with Him for He is no longer on the cross but He is Risen to live with you, to live for you, to live in you. 

Come to Him with confidence on His work that was done for you.

We are perfectly Loved. 


by Jonathan Manalo
Ililigtas Ka Niya OVERTURE


by Jonathan Manalo

“TETELESTAI” is an apt reminder that we all need. I’m grateful that the Lord allowed for such a beautifully breathtaking yet bold and brave art installation to be mounted in a very timely season.

This has been inspiring and honoring for both me and Kristine for we know it is what we are called to do for this very specific moment, especially for the country.

Creating the music for Kristine’s art installation convicted me to reflect God’s grace in its melody. While people walk on the narrow path I hope the Divine’s message, whispered with my prayer in between the notes of my composition, ushers them through their experience. I hope they fully realize the very reason for all that was done for us. May they unrestrictedly embrace what God has been waiting for us to receive from Him; a gift most have been failing to recognize, or have intentionally rejected.

We have been lost not because there is no path or there’s no one to guide us. We have been lost because we have been needlessly searching for our own ways and answers. We have been chasing and holding on to the tangible and the mediocre to save us. We have been mustering all ungodly and limited strength to get a hold and make sense of our own lives. We have been in vain to discern that our lives can only be found through the One who saved us.

Perhaps the beauty of the whole exhibition is the urgency of its purpose and message.  Your salvation is in Christ and it has always been there. The only thing missing is your acceptance. Take it fully as how it was intended by Him. Ililigtas Ka Niya!

Curator’s Note

by Ian Belleza

During Holy Week many of us are preparing to show our faith to the Lord. Some of us abstain from certain food or activities that bring us pleasure. Others go to extreme lengths to prove their faith. For example, we are no strangers to devotees who wear crowns of thorns, have their bodies whipped, and carry heavy crosses across their backs just like Jesus did.

Over the years, the crucifix has been used as a symbol of protection. In fact, we can see some movies using crucifixes to ward off evil. There is no right or wrong meaning of the cross. However, we must remember that the cross is never meant for us to idolize. There is only one God and it is only Him, whom we must put our faith in.

To celebrate this year’s Holy Week, Kristine Lim presents “Tetelestai”, where we see a Lighted Crucifix, lying on the floor, illuminating the tunnel of Barluartillo de San Francisco Javier. Scattered around it are pieces of discarded twigs and junk leading people to step on the cross as it’s the only safe way for them to navigate through the dark tunnel.

Through this installation, we are reminded of the significance of the cross… that despite the sufferings that Jesus bore while carrying it, the cross is a symbol of our way to the Lord’s kingdom. And when our mission in this borrowed life is done, we will find ourselves in the Lord’s embrace.

About the Exhibit at Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang

To celebrate this year’s Holy Week, Kristine Lim presents “Tetelestai,” where we see a crucifix lying on the floor, like a path that our lives were meant to walk through, or a solid foundation that we can stand on. In this path, we are completely covered by a red cloth symbolizing the shed blood of Jesus. Scattered around it are pieces of discarded twigs and junk leading people to step on the cross as it’s the only safe way for them to navigate through the dark tunnel. 

Artist Kristine Lim, together with the musical scoring entitled, “Ililigtas Ka Nya” of Jonathan Manalo allow us to have a personal reflection as we go through the 3-part installation. Through this installation, we are reminded of the significance of the cross. As we look at the elements mounted on a mirror, may we also see the significance of our reflection juxtaposed with the nails that pierced the hands and feet of Jesus, the crown of thorns, and the keys given to us to live a life full of hope, love, and victory. 

“Tetelestai” will be on exhibit at Molito Lifestyle Center from April 10-April 17, 2022. This is made possible through the collaboration between New Life, “Artist on a Mission” Kristine Lim, “Mr Music” Jonathan Manalo, Art Lounge Manila, and Molito Lifestyle Center. 

L-R: Ps. Mylene Evangelista, Sussane Tiausas, Managing Director of Art Lounge Manila, Ps. Jocel Evangelista, Lead Pastors of New Life Main

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