Gallery: Rodel Buban “Life” @ArtLoungeManila

Gallery: Rodel Buban “Life” @ArtLoungeManila

Rodel Buban_Fishers Of Men_(Matt 4 21-22) _24 x 18_Acrylic on Canvas_2022

Life, fleeting yet infinite, a symphony of light and dark and every other color in between. Life flows and ebbs in a natural cyclical rhythm, that permeates everything and everyone. It is our shared collective experience as mere beings belonging to the grander scheme of creation. Life flows from the fount, that comes directly from the heart of God and permeates all living things. This is what Rodel Buban captures so vividly and poignantly in his latest exhibition aptly and simply titled LIFE.

In his 9th solo exhibition, Rodel Buban, a self-taught artist, musician, and pastor integrates his art with his faith. He draws his creativity from the originator of all creation, God. It is his hope to share his faith, the love, the goodness, and the joy that comes from knowing and experiencing Christ through his art. And ultimately, the artworks seen in this show is an expression of the artist’s personal relationship with the source of all life, and an homage to the greatest artist, God.

Rodel Buban_Sparrow And Lily #1_(Matt 6 26-30)_Acrylic on Canvas_48 x 36_2022

Rodel Buban took up painting with encouragement from his wife who has supported his passion for painting from the very beginning. He joined his first art exhibition in 2009 in a group show entitled “The Parables of the Christ.” He has since joined several other group shows including a group show in Manila Art in 2010. He has also mounted several solo exhibitions in which we see his art evolve and metamorphose into the form we see on display in this current exhibition.

Rodel Buban_Where The River Flows #1 (Ezekiel 47_9)_Acrylic on Canvas_48 x 36_2022

The predominant element in this exhibition is the artist’s use of flowing lines and waves in various hues and tones to give form and substance to the idea of life that the artist hopes to represent. But as a reflection of real life, each frame features a carefully curated color palette to represent the different moods, times, and seasons that we all go through in this voyage called life.

Rodel Buban_Where The River Flows #2 (Ezekiel 47_9)_Acrylic on Canvas_48 x 36_2022

The exhibition will run from April 18 to May 1 at Art Lounge Manila – The Podium in Mandaluyong City. The opening reception will be on April 23 at 5:00PM. For more information, visit the Art Lounge Manila You may also check their social media pages FB: @artloungemanila IG: @artloungemanila for more details.

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