Gallery: Kristine Lim “Soar” @ManilaHotel

Gallery: Kristine Lim “Soar” @ManilaHotel

A staggering 33 framed mixed media works, with several of them triptychs, comprise the 2nd solo exhibition of visual artist Kristine Lim at the famed Manila Hotel.  Using her specialized technique of combining a special textured ground with layers of transparent metallic bronze and gold colored glazes over the graphite pentimenti, or under drawings, which she deliberately allows to be seen as a trace of the journey the artist makes in the making of any work, and occasionally adding special details like straight gold lines, reminiscent of her graphic design practice, and small, shaped mirrors and textured and brightly colored red resinous epoxy to attach them which both illuminate and serve as surfaces of reflection; Lim creates a cohesive and compelling exhibition using the Philippine eagle as the central motif with complementing verses from the Bible scribbled lightly at the edge of each work. 

A Filipino Christian with an evangelical inclination, she considers herself as an “Artist with a mission”, as her faith and her patriotism serve as foundation for the art that she makes, while remaining true to her own personal life experiences. By using these as her jumping points, she creates multiple avenues of connection with her audiences who share these with her.

“The distinctness of Kristine Lim’s works gives a sense of who she is. She’s a visual artist and a missionary like no other. How she can transform the boldness of her faith and her beliefs into something tangible can touch and move viewers in phenomenal and extraordinary ways they never knew they needed.

Without a doubt, Kristine’s artwork will transcend through time and inspire more generations to pursue their passion with an equal desire to spread the word of God.”

– Hon. Mark Aguilar Villar, DPWH, Secretary

The majestic Philippine Eagle serves as the central image in most of the works.  A powerful animal endemic to the Philippines, it is a symbol of the nation; and a reminder of both how blessed we are with natural resources, and how we need rightful stewardship in keeping the balance, as it is critically endangered due to the loss of habitat from the encroachment of Filipinos and the deliberate destruction of our forests in the name of unsustainable progress.  As a symbol, it is emblematic of both the potential of Filipinos as a people, and the complicated societal imbalances we face because of our colonial baggage in all aspects of culture, politics, and economy.  In its solitary appearance in all the works, the artist seems to also imply the need to be in our own space, to reflect, and to have an honest appraisal and reckoning with ourselves.  

With SOAR, Lim proposes a potential way to salvation, based on the guiding principles of her Christian faith.  Reflecting on how the eagle is often used in the Bible as a metaphor to compare the impossible heights God raises his people in an effort to keep them away from harm and to raise them in exultation, Lim proposes a total surrender such as she has experienced, when she has undergone personal tribulations, one after another in quick succession, and emerged from it unscathed as she lifted all these up in faith.

To see the solitary eagle soaring in the vast immensity of sky which Lim often leaves bare in her works, we are reminded that it is not by the eagle’s efforts that it glides across the sky, but by the invisible updrafts of air that support it and lift it up.  In the mysteries of life, we know by heart that what we cannot see is as important as what we can, and oftentimes, even more so.

“Using her faith and her ideas of nationalism, Kristine Lim uses the Philippine eagle as an encouragement for Filipinos to be their best selves, and soar.” 

                                                        – Ricky Francisco, Curator, Art Lounge Manila

SOAR is both a testament to God’s love and saving grace, as well as the capacity of the Filipino spirit to transcend limitations, especially in the lowest periods.  It provides hope that even in the direst situations, the love of God, and the love for our fellow man, will enable us to transcend our condition, and be free to be our realest and fullest selves.

“SOAR” is Kristine Lim’s  2nd solo exhibition. It is presented by Art Lounge Manila. The exhibition is located at the lobby lounge of The Manila Hotel. The show will run from October 1 to 30, 2021. Proceeds of the Closing Auction will go to Malasakit Para Sa Bayan Foundation Inc. This exhibition is in partnership with Manila Hotel, Globaltronics, Bamco Philippine and DigiScript.

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