Gallery: Janos Delacruz “Selfie*ish” @ArtElaan

Art Elaan Proudly Present “Selfie * ish”, a solo show by Janos Delacruz at Gallery White. Exhibit opens today June 9, 2021. It is in the split-second moments of candid shots, on frames of arrested authenticity, where Janos Delacruz resides for his new one-man exhibition, titled Selfie * ish. A surrealist painter known for his profound social commentaries and deep self-explorations, Delacruz has often presented his subjects’ place in society, their musings of it, or their standing with the Self. Now the artist illustrates the humanity of his characters—their feelings, gestures, reactions. Selfie * ish shows Delacruz’s figures in styles of portraits rather than depictions, executed in the artist’s captivating style that plays on depth and texture nonetheless. An unperturbed duo wade through onlookers of all shapes and forms in “Amidst Wandering Eyes.” In “Hello Sexy,” it is the catcaller’s turn to be subjected to gazes, frozen in the act of his perverted hissing. “I wanted to portray different aspects and archetypes of people that I have met or emotions that I have felt,” Delacruz says. “Some paintings tackle love. Some, social reality. But each one represents a portion or moment in time.”

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