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Two years since his sold out third solo exhibition, Gerrico Blanco is returning with another opus of a solo.  Entitled DREAMSCAPES, Blanco’s fourth solo exhibition proves to be levels higher than his previous solo exhibition, not just in the improved technical quality of his works which now have a more polished realism, but more excitingly, in the introduction of new themes to his body of work which has, from his first solo, focused on the innocence of childhood.  Perhaps it is owing to the fact that Blanco is now settled as a family man, or perhaps it was the two years it took for him to prepare, but DREAMSCAPES is by far his most exciting solo exhibition yet.

With ten major works on canvas, Blanco continues to elaborate on childhood innocence through his version of dreamy surrealism which uses diaphanous effects.  Aside from this are a few pieces which pay homage to iconic paintings, such as “Flaming June” by Sir Frederic Leighton, and a number of works which show Dutch masters’ still life paintings of flowers incorporated into his work; which showcases the superb skills of Blanco as a painter.  But the real show stopper is the almost diptych Daydream I and II, which undoubtedly shows the elevated skills and outlook of the artist, as well as provide a peak into the private life of the artist as, in the manner of the one of the earliest Filipino masters Honorato Lozano’s “El Artista y su Esposa”, the two works, when taken as a diptych, as they probably should, show the artist and his wife in cameo, juxtaposed almost nearly in yin-yang complementation.

Also marking a shift in the artist’s technical repertoire are the works “Fiddlers Night”, “Serene”, “Tranquil,” and “Moonlight Sonata” which show an excellent grasp of chiaroscuro. 

In DREAMSCAPES we see the artist coming to his own and assured of his powers.  It is a peak into the greatness that is to come from Gerrico Blanco.

“DREAMSCAPES” is Gerrico Blanco’s 4th solo exhibition. It is presented by Art Lounge Manila. The exhibition is located at the Podium Mall, Ortigas Center. The show will run from December 10 to 21, 2021. 

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