Gallery: Fred Tan “Silver Mountains, Sparkling Waters” exhibition @galeriefrancesca

In Chinese painting, many critics consider the landscape as the highest form. With over a thousand years of history, this genre of painting is greatly esteemed by the erudite and the cultivated men as the landscape embodied a withdrawal from the imposed order of society; and the dynastic collapse that human societies, cultures, and laws inevitably led to; into the permanent order and peace of the natural world.

Parallels have been drawn by Fred Tan with what is happening in the world today. With the pandemic raging, as a result of humanity’s excesses, perhaps clinging to the natural order will bring a more sustainable and lasting harmony.

Silver Mountains, Sparkling Waters hearkens to the tradition of Chinese landscape painting. Although clearly gestural abstraction in his style, Tan’s works have affinity not only through form of the implied image that is strong in the Chinese landscape tradition, but in the philosophy he personally abides in. Working with the wet paint and the randomly textured canvas to achieve fluid transitions of color and paint through his “painting by not painting” approach inspired by Taoist philosophy; doing by not doing, and following the way of the Tao – the natural progression or the inherent impeccable harmonious design that is ingrained in nature. By following the natural order, a lasting harmony; the balance is achieved between man and fellow man, as well as with his surroundings. This philosophy resonates with Lao Tzu’s “Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

Silver Mountains, Sparkling Waters focuses on life-sustaining and overflowing abundance aspects of nature. By situating the viewer in the experience of an imaginary mountain, Tan allows the viewer to withdraw inward, into their own connection with nature and their core, while contemplating his works.

Silver Mountains, Sparkling Waters is Fred Tan’s fourth solo exhibition with Galerie Francesca. Tan has had solo exhibitions at the Ayala Museum, the Yuchengco Museum, and local various galleries. He has also joined group shows in Art in the Park, Rockwell Powerplant North Court, and in galleries in Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. He has been the cover of Asian Art News (Volume 3, No. 24) 2013 and has been reviewed by The Singapore Pocket Guide. His Moods 333 painted by him under the pseudonym “Toro,” has been sold for S$212,400 at 33 Auctions in 1 September 2013.

“Silver Mountains, Sparkling Waters” is Fred Tan’s 4th solo exhibition, presented by Galerie Francesca at the 4L, Building A, SM Megamall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City. For inquiries, please call 0935 5511305, or email

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