Gallery: Eman Santos “Money Tree” @ArtCenter

Multi-awarded visual artist and painter Emmanuel John  “Eman” Santos (b.1978) 42, a Filipino, is a prolific sculptor whose new solo exhibit  “Money Magnet” promises to be even more exciting than ever. Perhaps his architecture degree with FEU and interior design background with PSID serve as a good foundation for his work as an artist but his boundless creativity comes from sheer talent.

Known for his prosperity themes in his paintings and sculptures, Eman has won awards both here and abroad for his various works. His numerous exhibits, be it group or solo, has earned him a style distinctly his own. His use of multiple techniques and compositional devices exudes energy that creates visually appealing and impactful works of art.

Through the years and  multiple awards, several articles have been written about Eman Santos by art critics and journalists. All of them raved about his works, both in their substance, technique and overall beauty. Testament to this is the fact that he is the first Filipino artist to win 3 awards in 3 categories  all in one night at the 65th AAP Annual Art Competition held in GSIS museum. This year alone, he managed to give distinction for our country in the Voice of Mask International Creative Art Contest in India.

If you can imagine what you want and manifest your desire in bringing them to life, then the magnet of prosperity and abundance is in you.

The “Money Tree” has brought our imagination and desires whether in health, wealth, love, and joy, to reality. It has drawn people to its sublime colors and overflowing symbols of wealth in every aspect of life, in a painting.

MONEY MAGNET then brings us one step closer to the endless possibilities of fulfilling a vision, to become a reality. The interchanging complexities of symbols and currencies that roots the tree’s formation as symbols of unlimited prosperity and abundance, has taken its place in the form of sculptures. It gives a more vibrant and realistic appearance to the artist’s structured dreams in symbols of wealth.

A symbol that attracts positivity best describes each of the tree’s distinct formation. Every sway, color, and size denotes the level of abundance we want to receive through manifestation that we are a MONEY MAGNET.

Art Center, 4th Floor, SM Megamal Building A, Julia Vargas Avenue, Corner EDSA, Mandaluyong

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