This all originated from a single drop. From this drop sprung forth colors that gave life. Each drop coalesces into our memories, our trajectories, our memories, and our experiences. The bitter, the impenetrable, the insurmountable, all in sight. Each drop is a symbol of a moment. Together, these paint a masterpiece of what it means to be alive.

Drops of color, drops of voyages, drops of life.

Galerie Roberto presents “Stillabunt Vitae”, a solo show by artist Binong Javier that demonstrates his mastery over pointillist abstract expressionism. The expansive canvases come to life with meticulous and deliberate strokes of vivid color that encompasses the viewer in scope. Each is made of a singular drop that adds up to more than the literal sum of its parts.

The artist draws attention to the fundamental mark that a brush leaves behind and the physical qualities of paint, and its three-dimensional possibilities. On Javier’s canvases, the accrual of these individual strokes unfolds into encompassing images: majestic vistas and brilliant sceneries. Richly textured, the crevasses and peaks of these paintings take on a sculptural quality, shifting and shaping with angles of light and sight.

Several of these works take after nature, and how gravity shapes vivid cascades out of physical objects. The images seemingly capture these drips in the midst of falling, at particular instances where they form a cohesive harmony. In other works, the strokes converge or explode from a singular point, forming vertiginous chasms and dizzying heights.

Javier’s command of visual art is able to make these images look as if they’re on the verge of soaring off of the canvas at any moment. He resonates poetically with how life itself can be painted in a broad stroke, or told in detailed increments. Entire lifetimes, after all, are composed of days, which are made of hours, minutes, seconds–all moments of significance altogether.

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