This exhibition was made possible through the collaboration between Modeka Art and Derek Flores, founder of DF Art Agency. Goods Garden is Anna Bautista’s 3rd Solo Exhibition.

Consumerism is a notion found within Anna Bautista’s “Goods Garden” – it serves as a visual reflection of her yearning that money could actually grow on trees.

Hermes Oranges

For the last 6 months, an emergence of new hobbies has sprouted among individuals in order to idle away the hours of quarantine, gardening being one of the many past times that has become popular among millennials. Taking inspiration from this, Bautista creates a visual representation of her own introspections and coping mechanism through her works.

Through her solo exhibition, Bautista directs attention to how society deals with rising consumerism; where the irresistible impulse to obtain material possessions allows individuals to be defined by what these commodities stand for– especially at a special time like this. Does Society seek a system for what is truly valuable and meaningful?

Here lies an imaginary world. Welcome to Goods Garden.

Lemon Vuitton

(A percentage of the profit of the exhibit would be given to help aid the farmers of the North of Siargao through the LokalLab NGO’s Seed Library & Regenerative Farming program.)

Goods Garden is on view from October 15 – November 7, 2020. To schedule for a private viewing, send an email at or contact 0956 174 9185. Visit for more details, as well as to view the online experience of Goods Garden.

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