“Enchanting Impressions” by Carlo Ongchangco debuts at the newly opened Galerie Joaquin U.P. Town Center

Visual artist Carlo Ongchangco’s oeuvre is whimsical but not frivolous. His works borrow from the language of children’s book illustration, graphic design, cartoon and pop art. He uses subdued colors that create a wistful, nostalgic mood for the subjects that populate his works.

“Enchanting Impressions” is Ongchangco’s ode to Vincent van Gogh’s inimitable art: defined by its powerful, dramatic and emotional style. The artist’s incorporation of figures depicting childlike innocence with his interpretation of Van Gogh’s dynamic setting as backdrop is vibrant yet melancholic.

The subjects are often engaged in an introspective journey, whether they are on the road or in some sort of quest or in a state of dreaming. Ongchangco’s works often rely on fantasy, this time integrated with his version of Van Gogh’s brilliant imagery, creating idiosyncratic scenes that lends lightness and amusement, but at the same time, like fairy tales and other stories from each person’s collective past, have metaphysical depth. The pieces intend to engage the audience in a peculiar visual narrative through the advent of this new composite of naïf art and expressionism.

For “Enchanting Impressions,” the artist’s works are characterized by what can be called the “Van Gogh touch” — making the viewers think of texture and brush strokes. His naïf characters together with the striking colors and distorted shapes and contours express Ongchangco’s interpretation of the expressionist master’s immense passion of his craft – a combination of two different approaches but cohesive in terms of emotions and expressive sentiments.


Educated in the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design, Carlo Ongchangco consistently defies being boxed into a specific category. With numerous group and solo exhibits both local and abroad, this cosmopolitan artist maintains the loyal following from a particular niche of collectors. Ongchangco is a member of the prestigious Saturday Group of the Philippine Artists Guild, the oldest art collective in the Philippines that has produced several National Artists for the Visual Arts.

“Enchanting Impressions” will be on view from December 11-21, 2018 with the Opening Reception scheduled on December 11 at 6PM. The gallery is located on the 2nd Floor of Phase 2, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City. For inquiries, contact Galerie Joaquin at (+63)2 247 1109 or email By Grace A. Ng

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