“Colorati” by Raul Isidro on view at Galerie Joaquin U.P. Town Center

Raul Isidro’s works are deeply personal, reflecting reference points of a life spent in Calbayog, Western Samar. He had spent significant time in this coastal town – mesmerized by its blue seas, the colors ranging from gray to green, and the luminescence that comes in with a full moon at low tide.

For “Colorati”, Isidro dove into the colors of nature and the way it has so powerfully shaped and defined the locals, socially and culturally, in the province. The familiar forms and shapes he use depict the force of nature with its strong vertical geometry representing not only the heights of the mountains but the force of gravity.As the artist explores the abstracted frontiers of nature, he requests the audience to view it as an ever-moving pattern that continues beyond the borders of the painting surface. Isidro uses large, irregular shapes to encapsulate this imagery more organically, as bright, striking fragments.

Raul Isidro, being a master in his own right, has certainly gained accolades within the art industry. With age comes conservatism, and usage of colors can become subdued in time – but with Isidro, the reverse has proven true. Colors are charting with jubilation if not introspection; with his unpredictability in his renewed expression of thoughts, moods, and words through the pinkish hues, cerulean shades, and earthen tones.

Working with his choice of colors, Raul Isidro’s goal is to capture and reflect both solidity and fluidity, to imitate the changeable conditions of nature, as well as the shimmering potency of memories.  And through this, to give the viewer a path to connect with the essence of their own memories so they might experience them more fully in their own existence.

This abstractionist, multi-awarded painter, and Filipino contemporary artist shares his time in promoting art and honing talents of next generation artists. A distinguished pioneer in the art field, Raul Isidro’s earnest belief that “art must be felt to be fully enjoyed” has strengthened his crusade to develop and encourage art appreciation in the grassroots. Demonstrating his creative genius in numerous media as a professional artist, Isidro’s artistic accomplishments and creativity has been showcased in various art exhibitions locally and in foreign shores including Germany, Israel, Spain, China, the Netherlands, Australia, and the United States.

An influential personality from the 60’s to the present, Raul Isidro is a true visionary, never exhausted in exploring and venturing in the use of experimental media. He has worked on sculptures and started working on mixed media abstracts in the 60’s with the use of acrylic, firstly introduced in the country at the time. He experimented with the use of gold leaf on canvas in the late 80’s while in the United States, but has shown it publicly only in the early 90’s. Isidro’s works are predominantly influenced by the changing mood of mother earth and the environment.

“Colorati” will be on view until September 4, 2019. The gallery is located on the 2nd Floor of Phase 2, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City. For inquiries, contact Galerie Joaquin at (+63)2 247 1109 or email

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