BAYANIHAN IN THE TIME OF COVID: Fundacion Sansó raises funds to keep Museo Pambata alive

Juvenal Sanso_s Wandering Dream_

Fundacion Sansó in partnership with Museo Pambata launched a fundraising event in aid of the temporary closure of the popular children’s museum in Manila. To ensure the continuation of the museum’s service to the Filipino children, the non-profit organization preserving the artistic legacy of Juvenal Sansó sold two limited-edition giclees made by Sansó entitled “Golden Bloom’ and ‘Wandering Dream” to raise funds for Museo Pambata. In these trying times, museums aiding other museums become a beacon of hope that shines through this period of crisis and great change.

“Since last year, children have been studying within the safety of their homes. Museo Pambata has been highly affected without their usual support from busloads of children who normally visit the museum to experience their educational exhibitions and programs. Acting in this current community, Fundacion Sanso reached out for the continuation of Museo Pambata’s programs as they cling on to the new normal.” Fundacion Sansó director Ricky Francisco said. 

Due to COVID-19, establishments and institutions have been temporarily closed down to avoid the increase of positive cases. Museo Pambata, a top destination for field trips and school tours, became unable to accommodate visitors, resulting in them losing a large portion of their earnings. With the implementation of lockdowns, it has been a strenuous effort for the museum to keep operating in the meantime. 

Juvenal Sanso_s Golden Bloom

The fundraiser, Flowers for the Children, started in November. Then in June 2021, Fundacion Sansó officially turned the proceeds over to Museo Pambata via streaming live on their Facebook page. Present in the event are Fundacion Sansó Director Ricky Francisco, Museo Pambata President Bambi Mañosa, Museo Pambata Executive Director Maricel Montero, as well as Fundacion Sansó Chairman Joaquin Teotico, and Deputy Director Leonor Mae de Leon. 

Cheque Turnover Facebook Live:

“The direction that Mr. Sansó really wanted, which is to take part [in] really important, [and] to help in the building of art in culture in the Philippines. What better way than to work together with Museo Pambata? Because the children are our future. The world belongs to them. So we cannot let Museo Pambata go especially because they are understandably hit with the pandemic, because children are not allowed to go out due to health protocol reasons. So what we need to do is join us and help Museo Pambata. Take this opportunity to work together to strengthen the museum. The museum now is 26 years old and what better time now to re-evaluate, re-direct, and even strengthen it. On behalf of Fundacion Sansó, I’m sure the board of trustees will be very happy to really do all you can to support this endeavor.” Fundacion Sansó chairman Joaquin Teotico said.

Along with the cheque for the giclee sales, the two giclee prints of Sansó’s artwork, “Golden Bloom” and “Wandering Dream” and the certificate of donation were given to the executives of Museo Pambata. The children’s museum, in return, gave Fundacion Sansó sweet honey made from their own apiary.

“During the lockdown was a very difficult time for Museo Pambata. We have to let go a lot of our staff, so we are a very lean team right now, and we added some bees in Museo Pambata since we cannot have kids.” Museo Pambata President Bambi Mañosa said as she reiterates the difficulty during the pandemic and added that the bees from their apiary helped make the honey that was given to Fundacion Sansó. 

Despite the pandemic and continuous lockdowns, Museo Pambata is still planning and fulfilling its future programs, exhibits, and endeavors. So when everything goes back to normal and kids are ready to come again to the museum, Museo Pambata will be prepared to educate, entertain, and interact once again with the children.



Bianca Louise B. Labraque


About Museo Pambata

Museo Pambata Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock and non-profit organization that was established in 1993 as the first children’s interactive museum in the Philippines. It is a museum with various educational programs mainly in support of children’s rights. 





About Fundacion Sansó

Fundacion Sansó is a non-stock and non-profit organization created for the preservation, conservation, and promotion of Juvenal Sansó’s artistic legacy. 




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