Art Gallery by The Manila Hotel

Established in 2018, Art Gallery by Manila Hotel takes great pride in launching its inaugural exhibit of The Masters.

Edgar Doctor

With works from brilliantly creative Filipino artists the likes of Hermes Alegre, RossCapili, Salvador Ching, Fil Delacruz, Edgar Doctor, Raul Isidro, Raul Lebajo, and Mario de Rivera, the public can take a glimpse at The Masters’ personalities, techniques, and beliefs.

Likewise, guests of Art Gallery by Manila Hotel will be filled with awe and understanding as they realize how much commitment and dedication go into making these exquisitely elegant artworks from the Philippine’s finest artists.

Diwata_ Perlas
Fil Delacruz

These masterful creations are not just great additions to the Art Gallery by Manila Hotel, but as well as to the homes of its new owners. These magnificent works of art are sure to bring warmth and life to any home or establishment that will house them. Needless to say, this is only the beginning.

Art Gallery by Manila Hotel will further promote Filipino culture and heritage by bringing to the public more artworks from both renowned and promising artists; ensuring that these artworks live up to Manila Hotel’s standard of excellence and to exceed expectations of our most treasured clientele.

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